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Cover for the first comic book: The Atomic Heroes, The Adventure Begins.

The Adventure Begins

The Atomic Heroes Oxygen, Selenium, Nitrogen & Fluorine go out on their first adventure!
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Cover for the Atomidex Vol. 0 book

Atomidex, Vol. O: Group Oxygen

In Vol. O of the Atomidex you'll get to know the heroes of Group Oxygen, sometimes known as Group 16. Water, eggs, bubbles, sludge, and radioactivity — that is what to expect from this bubbly bunch!
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Atomic Hero: Selenium.
She can make bubbles because Selenium is widely used in Shampoo. She has a red raincoat because Selenium is red in pure form, and a pale skin because her name comes from the moon!
Atomic Hero: Fluorine. She's carrying her tube of toothpaste!